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PostPosted: Sat Mar 04, 2006 11:48 am 
Please read all the posts in the "Information" forum. There are many questions here that can be answered without asking.

Don't post asking for recommendations for a smith, or asking a smith if they are interested in your project. Pick up the phone and call.

Don't ask how much your "jim dandy custom" firearm is worth. There are many OTHER places on the internet that can help you with this.

LTW is about CUSTOM firearms, the gunsmiths that build them, and giving something back. Please join us in discussing these things.

Members and guests are expected to conduct themselves appropriately. Abuses of the privileges will result in the deletion of user accounts.

Moderator activity

There are some areas where mods will correct with, and some areas where mods will correct without notification. If an item is posted in the wrong forum, or any other minor issue, we will simply correct the problem and move on. Please remember this is not the 1911 forum - we do not have full time mods, nor do we have the time to notify every poster of a minor change. Please look around to see if your post was moved or corrected before reaching out to staff. In the case of posts that violate the basic common sense rules of taste, courtesy, and respect for others, including those with inappropriate language and off topic content - consider this a warning - it's not appreciated, and will not be tolerated. Offending posts will be deleted, and posters will be advised. Please remember things happen while you are not logged on that affect posts. Be tolerant of others, and give the mods the respect they deserve for doing an all too often thankless job. Also remember to conduct your conversations with staff privately. Publicly challenging a moderator, or posting a "Where the hell did my post go?" thread will hasten your departure. Keep a cool head.

Professional conduct.

Industry professionals are invited to participate here at LTW. We support the entire community through our efforts, and feel that the open exchange of ideas betters us all. Please do not make the mistake of confusing hospitality with gullibility. Professionals are expected to conduct themselves with dignity and honesty here. From a professional perspective, LTW stands for the absolute highest level of craftsmanship, industry committment, ethical and honorable dealings. It's a reputation we guard very jealously, and a professional presence here is either earned or denied based on the experiences and recommendations of one or all of our board, or others among our membership. That said, certain types of conduct that pass on other boards is not acceptable here. Soliciting customers through posts or PM's is amateurish and unprofessional. Reported solicitations will result in one warning, followed by an account deletion. Professionals should also make themselves aware of the rules governing the sale of items at LTW.

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